Georg Mack

“The Star of Destiny” Georg Mack

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 286 lbs.

Hometown: Danger Bay

Signature Maneuver: Deathblow (Rocker Dropper)

Pro Debut: 2008

Trained By: Xavier Justice, Caleb Stills

Wrestling Style: Bruiser

Bio: Georg Mack is one of the larger wrestlers in the Great Lakes. He seeks to finish opponents off with the Deathblow. Feels that destiny is in his hands to do anything in Capital Pro Wrestling. Mack has shown himself to be dominant in the ring in both singles and tag action, living up to the words: biggest, baddest, best.

Mack still holds an undefeated record in Capital Pro Wrestling. After running the Purge off from CPW, Mack’s attention has turned to Team Honey Badger. He looks to challenge “The Walking Nightmare” Joseph Norton for the right to challenge CJ Ottgen for the Great Lakes Television Title.

Catch Georg Mack on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 4 vs. Jason Blasen

Episode 8 vs. Mike Marvel

Episode 10 w/ El Ridiculoso vs. Cody Manning & Tay Rizer

Episode 15 vs. Tanner Nix

Episode 22 w/ Mysterious Movado & El Ridiculoso vs. The Purge

Episode 27 w/ Caleb Stills vs. Alex Cluckey & Mikey Mana

Episode 32 vs. Conrad Loucks

Episode 39 vs. LaDon Sanders

Episode 43 vs. Jason Blasen

Episode 44 w/ Jaimy Coxxx vs. Team Honey Badger

Episode 62 w/ El Ridiculoso vs. Team Honey Badger

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