Mike Marvel

Mike Marvel

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 218 lbs.

Hometown: Canton, MI

Signature Maneuver: Satellite DDT

Pro Debut: 2011

Trained By: Truth Martini

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Bio: Mike Marvel is one of the most beloved professional wrestlers of the past decade in the Great Lakes. Mike is always one of the hardest working members of any roster he finds himself on. He looks to relaunch his successful career after years of olde-tyme baseball success. Mike didn’t fare too well in his first singles match in CPW, but found a successful tag team pairing with Mikey Miller. Together, the two seem to be rocketing to the top of the tag division. Fun Fact: A lover of the spooky, Mike runs Deranged Haunt in Romulus, MI.

Catch Mike Marvel on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 8 vs. Georg Mack


Episode 19 w/ Mikey Miller vs. Jason Blasen & Hyena Hagen


Episode 25 w/ Mikey Miller vs. Grey Wolves


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