Jason Blasen

Jason Blasen

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 157 lbs.

Hometown: Tulip City, USA

Signature Maneuver: The Blauz and Effect (DDT)

Trained by: Officer Rod Street

Pro Debut: 2014

Bio: Jason Blasen has not had the most winning career in Capital Pro Wrestling, but he always brings the fight. This is known most recently by former tag partner Hyena Hagen. Blasen attempted to trick Hagen into calling their match off and then attacked him before the bell rang. Blasen is proving to be much more cunning than originally thought.

Despite Blasen’s cunning, he hasn’t been able to find a win in Capital Pro Wrestling. He’s blamed tag team partners and now recently, the size differential of his opponents. The manager of the stars, Jonathan Presley, has taken an interest in Blasen and may be what he needs to find a victory.

Catch Jason Blasen on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 4 vs. Georg Mack

Episode 7 w/ Hyena Hagen vs. Big Chuck Wagon & Jeff King

Episode 15 vs. Gary Dawson

Episode 19 w/ Hyena Hagen vs. Mike Marvel & Mikey Miller

Episode 26 vs. Hyena Hagen

Episode 33 w/ JP Ono vs. Aaron Orion and Adam Wick

Episode 40 vs. JP Ono

Episode 43 vs. Georg Mack

Episode 63 vs. Joseph Norton

Episode 66 vs. Billy Ray Daniels

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