Billy Ray Daniels

“The Redneck Rockstar” Billy Ray Daniels

Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hometown: Houston, TX

Signature Maneuvers: Widowmaker (Super Kick); Last Call (Shining Wizard)

Pro Debut: 2016

Trained By: Andrew Darcy, John E. Bravo

Wrestling Style: Brawler/High Flying

Bio: A guy that enjoys a good time. Whether its drinking whiskey or punching people in the face… sometimes even at the same time. Never gives up no matter the odds. Shocked the wrestling world by defeating Big Chuck Wagon in his debut match. Billy Ray has kept up his winning ways, always looking for a bigger fight. BRD is a member of WAR Inc., often tagging with Dre Jacobs or Justin Dream.

Catch Billy Ray Daniels on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 11 vs. Big Chuck Wagon

Episode 23 vs. Nick Xero

Episode 28 vs. JP Ono

Episode 31 vs. Gideon Malice

Episode 40 vs. Tommy Vendetta

Episode 41 w/ Dre Jacobs vs. Tommy Vendetta & Adam Wick

Episode 42 vs. Jack Price

Episode 64 w/ Dre Jacobs vs. Kenny Steele & Felix Moreo

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