The Mysterious Movado

Mysterious Movado

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 1/2 metric ton in Earth’s atmospheric pressure

Hometown: Planet Detroit

Signature Maneuver: Cosmos Crossface Submission, Greetings from Planet Detroit (Rikishi Driver) & The Falling Star Splash

Pro Debut: 1999

Trained By: Truth Martini at The House of Truth

Wrestling style: Smashmouth Fun Bonanza!

Cool fact: Can play multiple instruments, has appeared on multiple musical recordings released over the past 30 years

Bio: From Planet Detroit to Arena Mexico, The Mysterious Movado thrills audiences of all shapes & sizes across the globe! Bringing his unique style & undeniably strong audience connection, Movado is always there to stand by his humans of Earth and defend them against the bullies of the universe!

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