The Mysterious Movado

Mysterious Movado

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 1/2 metric ton in Earth’s atmospheric pressure

Hometown: Planet Detroit

Signature Maneuver: Cosmos Crossface Submission; Greetings from Planet Detroit (Rikishi Driver); The Falling Star Splash

Pro Debut: 2001

Trained By: Truth Martini at The House of Truth

Wrestling Style: Smashmouth Fun Bonanza!

Bio: From Planet Detroit to Arena Mexico, The Mysterious Movado thrills audiences of all shapes & sizes across the globe! Bringing his unique style & undeniably strong audience connection, Movado is always there to stand by his humans of Earth and defend them against the bullies of the universe! Movado is a multi-talented musician, appearing on several music recordings. Since coming to Capital Pro Wrestling, Movado has aligned himself with longtime partner El Ridiculoso, as well as the “Star of Destiny” Georg Mack. Together, the trio sent the Purge packing out of CPW. Now Movado seeks to gain the Great Lakes Television Title.

Catch The Mysterious Movado on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 1 w/ Jake Something vs. Adam Wick & Karam

Episode 13 vs. Kevin Kalloway

Episode 16 vs. Zak Ibiza

Episode 22 w/ El Ridiculoso & Georg Mack vs. The Purge

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