CJ Ottgen

“Strong Style Superman” CJ Ottgen

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 115 kilograms

Hometown: Ludington, MI

Signature Maneuver: CrossFace Chicken Wing/ Shultz Front HeadLock

Pro Debut: 2002

Trained By: Dan Severn

Wrestling style: Catch Style (American Submission Wrestling)

Bio: Owner/ Head Coach at Hook and Catch Wrestling Club, CJ represents Team Honey Badger in every style of wrestling. Catch As Catch Can Wrestling Specialist & embraces the grind of rough and tumble. Big throws, painful pins & finishing holds! Newly awarded BJJ Brown Belt. CJ is a 2x All American in Freestyle wrestling & grappling, was a World Team alternate, and did 3 months in the All Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo. CJ is one of the most dominant competitors in Capital Pro Wrestling. His feud with Jack Verville has been the focal point of CPW’s first year.

CJ brought together his Team Honey Badger in order to dominate Capital Pro Wrestling. This approach has worked, as CJ was crowned the first ever Great Lakes Television Champion after defeating Josh Raymond.

See CJ Ottgen on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 3 w/ Danny Shay vs. Pretty Nifty

Episode 12 vs. Jack Verville

Episode 17 vs. Adam Wick

Episode 20 vs. Max Morrison

Episode 27 vs. LaDon Sanders

Episode 29 vs. Tommy Vendetta

Episode 39 vs. Caleb Stills

Episode 64 vs. Josh Raymond

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