Josh Raymond

Josh Raymond

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 202 lbs.

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Signature Maneuvers: Taliban Backpack (second rope jumping lung blower); Crisis Driver (1 Footed Spike Michinoku Driver); Skytwister Press (top rope double twisting moonsault into senton)

Pro Debut: February 2003

Trained By: Frankie The Face & Jimmy Jacobs (Additionally Training w/ Dan Severn, Can-Am WS – Scott D’amore, Chris Hero, Skadye, SUWA, Joe E Legend, and more)

Wrestling Style: Hybrid Versatile (All styles/highly diverse)

Bio: Raymond was world-traveled pro wrestler, working throughout North America and Europe, making his television debut for MTV’s Wrestling Society X, touring Mexico’s top promotion AAA, and worked full-time for Ring of Honor before stepping away from wrestling in 2011. Recently, Raymond returned to the sport he loves, knocked off the rust, and is back on a level that few in the world are. Amateur wrestling stand-out and has coached youth wrestling since 2003. Currently runs Wrestle U (Wrestle University) training aspiring pro wrestlers in the Kalamazoo area. Has been a guest instructor for Black & Brave, HOT School, and many more. As a Michigan wrestling mainstay, where better than Capital Pro Wrestling to make his name what it was and regain his notoriety. Currently, Raymond is one of the favorites to win the Great Lakes Television Title Tournament, after some amazing victories in the ring.

Catch Josh Raymond on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 8 vs. D-Ray 3000

Episode 18 vs. Tommy Vendetta

Episode 23 vs. Keith Creme

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