Kevin Kalloway

Kevin Kalloway

Kevin Kalloway

Height: 6′

Weight: 230 lbs.

Hometown: N/A

Signature Maneuver: Dead Hour (Double Hammerlock Piledriver)

Pro Debut: 2017

Trained By: Truth Martini

Wrestling style: Brawl n’ Maul

Bio: The Purge has made its mark on Michigan Wrestling. They have won multiple tag championships as well as secured individual title reigns. They are a dangerous mixture of uncaring and brutal that leads to many opponents facing the lights. The Purge first appeared on the CPW scene, attacking fan favorites, Mysterious Movado, El Ridiculoso, and Georg Mack. After losing a 6-man tag match, they left CPW, but are back and more dangerous than ever.

Catch Kevin Kalloway on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase.

Episode 13 vs. The Mysterious Movado

Episode 22 w/ Sean Tyler & Justin Pilgrim vs. The Mysterious Movado, El Ridiculoso & Georg Mack

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