Joseph Norton

“The Walking Nightmare” Joseph Norton

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 308 lbs.

Hometown: East Jordan, MI

Signature Maneuver: Corner Avalanche

Pro Debut: May 2021

Trained By: CJ Ottgen

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Bio: A man of few words, Norton is a man of multiple faces. He is a man on a mission to show he belongs and can fight his way through anything or anyone in his way. Dominating showing in his debut against Jason Blasen. Norton interfered in the Great Lakes Television Title Tournament finals, helping CJ Ottgen win and joining Team Honey Badger. He continued his winning ways against El Ridiculoso, but looks to face another behemoth in Georg Mack on an upcoming Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase.

Catch Joseph Norton on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase.

Episode 63 vs. Jason Blasen

Episode 65 vs. El Ridiculoso

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