Shooting Gallery (SMS)

Shooting Gallery Box Art

Shooting Gallery

System: SMS

Release Date: March 1987

Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Light Gun Shooter

Here’s another Sega light gun shooter. This one is super straight forward. It’s a shooting gallery… like the name says. The first level has ducks. They fly through, you shoot them. As long as you hit enough, you advance to the next level. On level two, they do some moves to trick you, but take them out to get to level three.

The ball and pipes in round five.

Level three has balloons that you shoot. These behave really cool. If you shoot by them, the balloons fly away from the shot area. You also have to deal with zeppelins as well as balloons in level four. Levels five and six star balls going through pipes. You can’t hit them when they’re in the pipes, you have to wait until they come out, so watch where they should be going.

The space ships of round seven.

Rounds seven and eight have you out in space, where spaceships have a barrier up. You can only kill them when the barrier is down, which only happens once as they fly through. Then it starts with the ducks again. They’re super fast and flying in circles. I lost a third time here and quit.

Graphics: 2.0

I think the graphics are very nice. Shooting through the wall shows the brick wall behind, which is a neat touch.

Sound: 1.5

There is a background song as well as shots and ricochets. Sound is fine.

Gameplay: 2.5

Once you get later on in the rounds things require much more precision.

Difficulty: 1.5

This game gets hard fast. Past level five is very difficult because the target requirement jumps immensely.

Fun Factor: 1.0

I recognize some of the things this game does, but it isn’t fun. You end up dying pretty quickly.

Overall Grade: 1.7

Shooting Gallery earns a C-. It’s a little better than Marksman and Trap Shooting, but not as good as Safari Hunt.

Shooting Gallery Video Review on YouTube