Elevator Action (NES)

Elevator Action Box Art

Elevator Action

System: NES

Release Date: August 1987

Developer: Micronics

Publisher: Taito

Genre: Action

There are 30 floors of elevator action in store for you in… Elevator Action! You are Agent 17 and you are on a top secret mission to steal all the government documents. You’re equipped with your trusty gun to shoot everyone who gets in your way.

Shooting a lamp on my enemy.

Controls are simple. The A button jumps, both to avoid enemy bullets and jump over elevator shafts. The B button shoots. Enemies come out of blue doors on each floor. The top secret files are hidden in the red doors, to get in, stand on the white squares and press up to go in. You can stay in there until you press the direction to get out. You need to ride the elevators down and sometimes the stairs to get to the basement, where your getaway car is waiting.

Burning out in the getaway car.

You can shoot the lights down on your enemies for extra points. If you don’t get all the files when you get to the basement, you start again from the top. Aaaaand, well, that’s about it. I remember liking the arcade version of Elevator Action, but I don’t think I ever played the NES version. If I did, I blocked it out of my memory.

Graphics: 0.5

These are some really terrible graphics, like Atari level graphics.

Sound: 0.5

The music is terrible and the sound effects aren’t good.

Gameplay: 2.0

The gameplay is simple. Jump, shoot, ride down the elevator.

Difficulty: 1.5

Not very hard, but you’ll get shot a lot.

Fun Factor: 1.0

I don’t think this version is very fun. I’m going to have to find the arcade version to compare.

Overall Grade: 1.1

Elevator Action gets a D. It’s a poor NES port. Micronics lets me down again.

Elevator Action Video Review on YouTube