Chiller (NES)

Chiller Box Art


System: NES

Release Date: 1990

Developer: Exidy

Publisher: American Video Entertainment

Genre: Light Gun Shooter

Get ready for one of the worst games I think I’ve ever played with Chiller! This unlicensed pile of dreck had no business ever being released. The dead are reanimating and in order to stop them, you have to find eight talismans in four levels.

You can choose to use the control pad or a Zapper and can play one or two players. You are given a shooting gallery scene and you need to shoot a certain number of monsters before your time runs out. You also need to find and shoot all 8 talismans in this time. If you fail to meet the requirements it’s game over. If you kill the proper number of enemies, it’s on to the next level.

If you complete the loop without all of the talismans you need, you start again. This time, you have to kill more enemies within the time limit, so it makes it more frantic to search for the items you need. The enemies get incredibly small in later levels, requiring near pixel perfect accuracy.

Graphics: 1.0

The level drawings sure are different, but that doesn’t make them good.

Sound: 0.5

The music and sound is incredibly low.

Gameplay: 0.5

You have to find combinations to get where you want. It’s not done well, though.

Difficulty: 0.5

This is the most backward garbage game and it makes it nearly unplayable.

Fun Factor: 0.0

There is no fun existing in this package.

Overall Grade: 0.5

Chiller earns a D-. I feel bad that it got that high of a rating. It’s certainly not anywhere near a game I could recommend for anyone.

Chiller Video Review on YouTube