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Deathbots (NES)

March 20, 2024 ALL Admin 0

Deathbots System: NES Release Date: 1990 Developer: Odyssey Software Inc. Publisher: American Video Entertainment Genre: Action Some convoluted story about an AI taking over a […]

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Burai Fighter (NES)

January 1, 2024 ALL Admin 0

Burai Fighter System: NES Release Date: March 1990 Developer: KID Publisher: Taxan Genre: Shoot ‘em Up Get ready for some scrolling shoot ‘em up action […]

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Heavy Barrel (NES)

December 11, 2023 ALL Admin 0

Heavy Barrel System: NES Release Date: March 1990 Developer: Data East Publisher: Data East Genre: Shoot ‘em Up We haven’t had a top down shooter […]

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Alien Syndrome (NES)

July 26, 2023 ALL Admin 0

Alien Syndrome System: NES Release Date: December 1989 Developer: Sanritsu Publisher: Tengen Genre: Shoot ‘em Up We now move on to the unlicensed NES port […]

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Rambo III (Genesis)

July 24, 2023 ALL Admin 0

Rambo III System: Genesis Release Date: December 1989 Developer: Sega Publisher: Sega Genre: Shoot ‘em Up One year ago we got Rambo III on Master […]

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Fester’s Quest (NES)

May 17, 2023 ALL Admin 0

Fester’s Quest System: NES Release Date: September 1989 Developer: Sunsoft Publisher: Sunsoft Genre: Shoot ‘em Up Ahhhh… Fester’s Quest… how I hate thee. Let me […]

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Guerrilla War (NES)

February 1, 2023 ALL Admin 0

Guerrilla War System: NES Release Date: June 1989 Developer: SNK Publisher: SNK Genre: Shoot ‘Em Up Guerrilla War… Are you serious SNK? Do you have […]