Casino Games (SMS)

Casino Games Box Art

Casino Games

System: SMS

Release Date: September 1989

Developer: Compile

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Casino

Get a small sampling of cards and slots here in Casino Games. Start things off with $500 in your pocket and choose where you’re going to make your fortune or lose your shirt. There are three different card games, the slot machine, and a pinball game to play if your luck is low.

You can play a game of five card draw poker against one of four players. The rules of poker weren’t followed very strongly. After calling, the other player would raise, but I wasn’t able to do the same thing. Ante and table maximums change as your level of funds do. I found it very difficult to follow the bets.

Blackjack is nothing out of the ordinary. You can hit or stand whenever you want. You also have the ability to split the same card and double down on 9, 10, and 11. When the dealer turns up an Ace, you have the option to buy insurance, and if you get a blackjack, you get 1.5 times your bet.

I’d never played Baccarat before, and honestly was not impressed by this version. Your goal is to get a higher score than the house. You’re given two cards and add them together, then drop the tens digit. If you get an eight or a nine, you and your opponent both stay with whatever you have. If you have less than an eight, you draw one more card. The higher hand wins. This game is automatic after you make your bet, so not fun.

You can choose several different denomination of slot machine. You put up to nine coins in and then pull the arm, hoping for a big hit. Good luck. The final thing to do is play a basic pinball machine. You can choose how fast the ball moves and then it’s off to some floaty physics. After playing Alien Crush, this pinball machine was far too generic for me. If you lose all your money, you head to the back alley to play kick the can while contemplating your life choices.

Graphics: 1.0

Graphics are fine, but you’re mostly looking at cards.

Sound: 1.0

This is generic music and sound effects.

Gameplay: 1.5

The gambling games are all with little frills. The pinball machine wasn’t particularly good.

Difficulty: 2.0

Every game is down to RNGeesus. Win if you’re lucky.

Fun Factor: 1.0

I felt this was a pretty lame casino game. I’d like more than just cards and one slot machine. Give me a different type of poker or craps or roulette. Heck, I’ll take Keno!

Overall Grade: 1.3

Casino Games earns a D+. This isn’t a very good compilation of casino games. Too many staples are missing.

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