Capital Pro Wrestling – March 10th, 2024

Capital Pro Wrestling will be back in action March 10th at the Fledge in Lansing, Michigan. More information will be added as it’s confirmed.

Capital Pro Wrestling March 10th, 2024 Flyer

Great Lakes Television Champion Keith Creme will be in action. His opponent is the Dark Gentleman. We’ve seen him before as Blake Acumen, Blake-182, Blake Bale, and Buddy Blake, but he’s coming back with a new attitude. After taking the Michiana Championship from Circle of Dust member, Big Jorge, TDG wants to prove his worth in a match against The DaVinci of Violence, Keith Creme.

The Dark Gentleman vs. Keith Creme

The Purge will defend the Great Lakes Tag Team Titles against Marvelous Destiny. The Purge made huge waves with their return to Capital Pro Wrestling and amplified them 10 times by defeating WAR Inc. for the titles. Marvelous Destiny have been undefeated in tag team action since debuting together in CPW. The big question is if they can put an end to the tyranny of the Purge before it gets a chance to really get underway.

Marvelous Destiny vs. The Purge

Super Juniorweight Champion Jason Blasen will be in action, having put out an open challenge for his title. Who will step up to take on the greatest Super Juniorweight in the world?

Jason Blasen

The Circle of Dust have been making quite a name for themselves since forming in Capital Pro Wrestling. Team Honey Badger have also been right at the very top. To find the next challengers for the Great Lakes Tag Team Titles, these two teams will face off in the ring. Neither team is a stranger to chicanery in that ring and both will do anything it takes to win. But who will end up with the next shot at the titles?

Team Honey Badger vs. Circle of Dust

It’s been some time since we’ve seen the man of many faces, Mr. One Night Only JP Ono, but he will be back on March 10th at the Fledge. His opponent will be the rookie sensation, Ramirez. Not much is known about this competitor, except that he has the athleticism to make a name for himself. Ono has promised that he has a Super Surprise in store for all of us. What that means is anybody’s guess.

Ramirez vs. JP Ono

Tickets for the event will be available at the door and are $15 for adults and $5 for ages 17 and under. Bring out the whole family and have a great time! If you’d like to pre-order your tickets, please e-mail and we’ll get you taken care of.

We’ll have more in store for you, too, so don’t miss out on the surprises and action! We can’t wait to see you at ringside!