Capital Pro Wrestling – July 14th, 2024

CPW July 2024 Flyer

Capital Pro Wrestling returns to the Fledge Sunday, July 14th, for a 3 PM belltime. Tickets are $15 and kids 17 and under get in for $5! Bring the whole family out for an afternoon of hard hitting fun.

It’s Nomads vs. WAR Inc. once again this Sunday at The Fledge in Lansing. Anderson Knight and Billy Ray Daniels are no stranger to one another and they’re going to go at it in singles action. What is important to remember is that both men are a part of tag teams that want to get back to the titles. Even victories in singles action are enough to move teams up the ranks. The Nomads want a shot at the Purge, just as much as WAR Inc. does. Who will walk away from this one with a possible future shot?

This Sunday at The Fledge in Lansing! It’s tag team action between two factions that just don’t like each other.

We were supposed to see the Circle of Dust take on Those Guys at our last event, but Kief Stoneman came up with some tummy trouble and was unable to appear. That turned into two singles matches involving these four men. A dastardly attack by Thurston Skowl and Big Jorge (check out the entire thing on our led to LaDon Sanders joining the Circle. Don Tone and Jay Leo are looking for revenge against these men and will stop at nothing to get it.

The last announced match for this Sunday at The Fledge is for the Great Lakes Television Championship!

Keith Creme has been unstoppable since winning the title from Jack Verville in June 2023. He’s been having one amazing performance after another. This time, he’ll be putting the title on the line against a man from his past. $Dollar$ is a long time veteran of the ring that has been slated to appear for Capital Pro Wrestling in the past. Bad luck and horrible timing kept him away, but now he’s here to put an end to a specter from his past. Will Dollar be able to take the championship from the unstoppable DaVinci of Violence? Or will Creme paint another masterpiece in the ring… with Dollar’s blood?

The ladies are back in action this Sunday at The Fledge in Lansing!

Heather Blue has been tearing it up in rings across the country, but she’s going to have to step into the ring with the Guardian Owl. Stella Buho is coming off a big match with Randi West (watch it on our ) and is looking to pick up another victory. Is Heather going to spoil Stella’s ambitions, or will Stella soar to brand new heights?

A ranking match for the Super Juniorweight Championship will be happening this Sunday at The Fledge in Lansing!

Jason Blasen has been on a downward spiral since losing the Super Juniorweight Championship to Jerry Norris. He’ll do anything to get it back, but nothing is going his way. Enter the Dragon Jones. We saw him in action at our last event (watch the whole thing at in a valiant effort against Jheras Grey. These two will now do battle in an attempt to get to winning ways. Who will walk out with the victory and one step closer to the title?

Another grudge match on the card for you this Sunday at The Fledge!

Last event, the Wasteland faced off against Marvelous Destiny (Watch the entire event on Mike Marvel and Georg Mack had Kipp Rude dead to rights after the Bearhug Dropkick Slam, when Modern Day Shaman dove in with the Hammer to cause a DQ. With Mike Marvel out preparing Deranged Haunt, that leaves Kipp Rude and Georg Mack in a singles match. Kipp guarantees victory for WAR Inc., but Georg Mack promises a beatbdown for Kipp is his destiny.

Two guys that have a problem with each other are going to go head to head this Sunday at The Fledge.

The Wasteland, Modern Day Shaman and Kipp Rude, didn’t make friends with the Midwest Misfits, Ramirez and Chris Malvado, at our last event. In fact, after blindsiding Marvelous Destiny with the WAR Hammer, it was the Misfits that came out to make the save. Now we’ll see these two men in singles action. Will Shaman be able to get a measure of revenge? Or will Ramirez make a name for himself at Shaman’s expense?

The Great Lakes Tag Team Titles are on the line this Sunday at The Fledge!

The Purge have held a stranglehold over the titles since winning them in fall of 2023. They’ve not just beaten all challengers in their way, but demolished them. Team Honey Badger have been on many people’s most improved wrestlers list and (other than their many shots against Marvelous Destiny) have been able to defeat everyone in their way. After earning the #1 Contendership, they’ve not been able to secure a date for this matchup. Now the title match is set! Will Team Honey Badger walk away with the big one? Or will Sunday night once again be Purge night?

Tickets are available online through Brown Paper Tickets, but are $15 across the board thanks to their outrageous fees. Contact us on Facebook or through if you’d like to reserve tickets. Heck, get them at the door if that’s easier for you, just let us know you’re coming!

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