Capital Pro Wrestling – February 18th, 2023

CPW February 2023 Flyer

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CJ Ottgen and Jack Verville have been connected through their careers. CJ was Jack’s mentor in his youth. They became training partners and traveled the Great Lakes with one another. But something changed and the two competitors grew apart. Verville has been chasing Ottgen for years, trying to get a shot at the title. On February 18th, nothing will keep this match from happening. You do NOT want to miss it!

Jack Verville vs. CJ Ottgen for the Great Lakes Television Championship

The Great Lakes Tag Team Titles will be on the line, as well. The Grey Wolves were the only team to beat WAR Inc. in block action and are calling in their shot at the titles. Will Jimi and Jheras be able to pull off another big win against Billy Ray and Dre? Or will the Wasteland continue their reign?

Grey Wolves vs. WAR Inc. for the Great Lakes Tag Team Championship

Jason Blasen has been your Super Juniorweight Champion for quite some time and he looks to keep the title around his waist in 2023. His first challenger this year is the “Lucha Punk” Gran Trueno. Will this young sensation be able to pull off the upset? Or will Blasen keep his title defense streak alive?

Gran Trueno vs. Jason Blasen for the Super Juniorweight Championship

“The Da Vinci of Violence” Keith Creme completed an amazing 2022 with a win over Ace Evans. He put out an open challenge for someone to accept to earn some respect. Out of nowhere, “Dirty” Dylan Derringer accepted the challenge, promising to disrespect Creme’s work. This should be another masterpiece, but whether it’s signed by Creme or Derringer is anyone’s guess.

Keith Creme vs. Dylan Derringer

An incident outside of a Flint nightclub created the matchup here. Nick Xero was walking to his car when he was distracted by the Guru and attacked by Royce Carny III. Royce has recently been seen taking up the mantle of bodyguard to Jason Blasen in BlasenAllDay Enterprises. The Nasty One is looking for revenge against his assailant and looks to get it Feb. 18th.

Royce Carney III w/ The Guru vs. “Nasty” Nick Xero

Conrad Loucks has had one impressive run as member of Team Honey Badger. He’ll be putting himself to the test against newcomer James Fury. Fury is a loose cannon and looks to extinguish the Influence in his CPW debut.

Conrad Loucks vs. James Fury

JP Ono has a new outfit each month he comes by CPW. He adopts the persona of anyone he deems fit to represent him for One Night Only. He’s been stuck in start/stop mode when it comes to his momentum, winning some and losing some. His opponent, Justin Dream, on the other hand, just made the pin to win one half of the Great Lakes Tag Team Titles. It may have been by crook rather than hook, but the title remains with him and his WAR Inc. teammates.

“Mr. One Night Only” JP Ono vs. Justin Dream

“The West Hollywood Hustla” has been leaning on his Hustle Dust to win matches. Many time it has worked, but occasionally it fails spectacularly. Shaun Mordecai returns to CPW in an attempt to make sure it fails. Will the Heavy Metal Maniac be able to out hustle Thurston Skowl? Or is it in the dust we trust?

Thurston Skowl vs. Shaun Mordecai

The team of Forever Young Zo and Dean Hendrix has been making a name for themselves in the greater Detroit area. Now they look to spread their brand to Lansing in CPW. They will have their work cut out for them, though, as they are paired with the Nomads. Ace Evans and Road Rash are in a particularly foul mood after their run ins with Keith Creme at the end of 2022. They’re looking for revenge.

Forever Young Zo & Dean Hendrix vs. The Nomads

The Murder Machine lost their Great Lakes Tag Titles in a hard fought match with some shenanigans at the end. Jaimy Coxxx has made it known that his retirement match is in March and wants to pick up some big wins to ride off into the sunset. He and his partner, Caleb Stills, will challenge the only two men they were unable to beat in the Great Lakes Tag Title League, Mike Marvel and Georg Mack, Marvelous Destiny.

Murder Machine vs. Marvelous Destiny