Ashton Wagandha

“The Virtuous Vegan” Ashton Wagandha

Height: 6’4“

Weight: 202

Hometown: Mother Nature’s Good Graces

Signature Maneuver: Vegan Death Grip (Bridged Double Chicken Wing); Earthsault; Carbon Footprint (Kick to face in the corner)

Pro Debut: 2016

Trained By: House of Truth

Wrestling Style: Dirt

Bio: Forged in the woods, Ashton Wagandha is courageous, handsome, and with a long background in traditional dirt wrestling, he fears no opponent. He believes his vegan diet brings him heightened agility, strength and awareness. Any non vegan is already at a disadvantage. Wagandha attempted to pull a fast on on Cody Deaner, but was not successful. He has since been away from the CPW ring, but is expected back at any time.

See Ashton Wagandha on the Great Lakes Professional Wrestling Showcase

Episode 2 vs. Cody Deaner

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