Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES)

Rescue: The Embassy Mission Box Art

Rescue: The Embassy Mission

System: NES

Release Date: January 1990

Developer: Kemco

Publisher: Kemco*Seika

Genre: Action

Rescue: The Embassy Mission is another one of those odd PC ports, this time coming from France and Infogrames. It’s not something you’d expect to work on the NES, but it does. Kemco has a knack for these out of left field genres of game. The story is a terroist group has taken over an embassy in Paris and it’s up to your team to rescue the hostages and kill all sorts of bad guys.

There are three stages to the game. The first stage tasks you with getting at least one of three snipers (Mike, Steve, and Jumbo) into position. In order to do this, you have to move along the city street to your designated vantage point. The problem is there are spotlights looking for you and enemy snipers already in place looking to take you out. You can hide in doorways, jump into windows, and behind walls in order to wait out the spotlight path. You’ll also be somersaulting with the A Button and going prone by pressing down in order to make it to safety.

The second stage is sniping and rappelling. You can choose back and forth any of the snipers placed around the building. There, you’ll see 9 windows that you can shoot. Occasionally, you’ll see a silhouette in front of the window, which you can take out. This will reduce the number of enemies you have to kill during stage three. You shouldn’t spend too much time trying to snipe enemies, it’s not efficient. When you’re done, you choose one of Ron, Dick, and Kemco to rappel into the building. Do not just hold down. You’ll fall and die. You need to press down and then up and repeat this until you make it to a window. Then press the A Button to move on.

The third stage is clear and rescue. Depending on the room you’re in, you either get a 1st or 3rd person view. Enemies pop on screen and you need to shoot them quickly by pressing the A Button and aiming all around. The upper left of the screen tells you how many enemies are left on each floor. Be careful, on each floor is a hostage in blue that you don’t want to kill. On lower difficulties, there is a map on the bottom left that shows the positioning of all the enemies, giving you an advantage.

You’re battling the clock and higher difficulties give you less time to get the job done. If you save the hostages, but lose a man in the process, you get the bad ending. With excellent play, you can save everyone and get the good ending. Even on Commander Jupiter difficulty level, just rush to the last stage.

Graphics: 2.5

The graphics are serviceable and the animations in the street level are neat.

Sound: 2.0

Music is fine at creating mood. The subduing of the sounds when you’re hiding is a nice touch.

Gameplay: 2.5

All the stages work well, except the sniper and rappelling are boring.

Difficulty: 2.5

You have to be perfect with your timing on the street or you’re taking a shot to the dome.

Fun Factor: 2.5

It’s a fun, short playthrough. You get better quickly.

Overall Grade: 2.4

Rescue: The Embassy Mission earns a C+. It’s not the best game in the world, but it’s worth playing. You might find great enjoyment from it.