Code Name: Viper (NES)

Code Name: Viper Box Art

Code Name: Viper

System: NES

Release Date: March 1990

Developer: Arc System Works, Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Genre: Action

Capcom comes in to let me down with Code Name: Viper. Commander Jones sends you on a mission to South America to put an end to a drug cartel. You have to travel to seven countries, save a commando, and blow up a wall to figure out who the real bad guy is.

This is a Rolling Thunder clone. This is unfortunate, because I hated Rolling Thunder. The character, Mr. Smith, is equipped with a handgun and can find a machine gun behind secret doors. You’ll need all the bullets you can get because enemies appear and need to be gunned down. Different color enemies have different abilities. Ones that shoot will kill you in an instant if you’re not careful.

You’ll have to jump between floors by pressing up or down plus the A Button. If there’s a shooting enemy, good luck not taking damage. There are secret doors that you press up to enter. Most of the time the doors are empty, but other times you can find hostages, bullets, time, or health. The goal is to open as many doors as possible, because you do have to find a captured commando in order to finish the level.

At the end of each level, you get a message from the commando that slowly fills in who is in charge of the drug cartel. Then level 8 has you kill this traitorous dog to hamper the dirty drug dealers.

Graphics: 1.5

Absolutely nothing impressive, but I didn’t notice any flickering, at least.

Sound: 1.5

Capcom is usually a shoe in for good music, but this is the exception to the rule. Music and sounds are annoying more than good.

Gameplay: 1.0

Enemies and projectiles appear out of nowhere. Jumping isn’t great.

Difficulty: 1.5

Enemies appear out of nowhere and kill you with very little time to react.

Fun Factor: 0.5

You might find some enjoyment out of it, but I certainly didn’t.

Overall Grade: 1.2

Code Name: Viper earns a D+. I can’t really say a good thing about this one. Stay away.

Code Name: Viper Video Review on YouTube